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Like Tote-ally: Finding the Perfect Fall Tote

POSTED October 27th, 2014

As our lives get busier and schedules seem to be fuller than ever, have you noticed our handbags ladies have also seem to expand two or even three fold from what you’re used to? I recently purchased a tote bag from a favourite designer opted for the XL size just at the thought of my keys, change of shoes, planner, 2 cell phones, laptop, wallet, lipgloss – oh you know what I mean!

Trying to find the perfect fall tote while maintaining a sense of style can be tough. Then there’s the dilemma of considering whether or not you worry about a shoulder strap or opt for over-the-shoulder. We’ve sourced and scoured through the various retailers at Mapleview Center to find our personal favourite totes for the fall and winter season.


Tri-Color Bowling Bag, Zara, $99 Leather Bag with Rigid Handle, Zara, $159 Jet Set Travel Colorblock Tote, Michael Kors, $278 Leopard Print Hair Calf and Leather Tote, Michael Kors, $598 Madison Smythe Satchel, Coach, $358 Larkin Exotic Tote, Banana Republic, $198 Auxiliary Mander Bag, Aritzia, $398 Fossil Preston Tote, The Bay, $328 Pebbled Faux Leather Tote, Forever 21, $29.80

Lululemon Layers Are Designed to Keep you Toasty in the Cold

POSTED October 24th, 2014

It seems like only last week we were chatting about the perfect transitional items to take you from summer to fall. Well that all changed this week now didn’t it? With single digit temperatures on the horizon, it’s that time of the year when Canadians start thinking about knits, layers, wools and other articles of clothing we pile on to keep us toasty while we bear the cold weather.

Typically known for their work-out gear, Lululemon has emerged as a one-stop destination providing you with the clothing, accessories and outerwear to take here and there around the city including your workout gear. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up some of our personal favourites from the fall collection. Be sure to swing by the Lululemon at Mapleview Centre to try these items on for yourself!


Skinny Will Pant, $98 Two Times a Yogi Bag, $128 Miss Misty Pullover, $128 Brisky Biker Jacket, $228 Sattva Pant, $98 Noir Jacket, $118 Vinyasa Scarf, $58 Puffy Blanket Jacket, $248

Here to There with Lululemon

POSTED October 20th, 2014

We’ve all come to know and love Lululemon for their athletic wear tailored to yoga, running and working out. What you may not think of them as is your go-to outfitter for all other elements of life. Whether it’s Sunday morning errand running, grabbing groceries, making a pit stop at Mapleview Centre or taking the kids to and from activities, we know that looking stylish is vital but that doesn’t mean you can be comfortable at the same time. Recent expansions to the Lululemon line of womenswear has left us wanting to leave the high-heels, skinny jeans and buttons up at home for four-way stretch fabric, cozy knits and breathable materials.

Since we’re visual learners, we thought we’d give you an idea of two outfits we’re currently crushing on from the latest fall collection:


Good to Go Skirt, $98 Front Racer II, $48 Flowin with my Omies Tote, $95 Brisky Biker Jacket, $228 City Skirt, $68 Noir Jacket, $118 Love Tee, $58 Two Times a Yogi Bag, $128

Rainboots, umbrellas and hats: Oh my!

POSTED October 15th, 2014

Love it or hate it there’s no denying that fall is here. And while the temperature this season so far has been agreeable, the fair share of rain days in the fall season are sure to hit. There’s an art to dressing for the rain while remaining stylish. We want you to embrace the idea of bright colours, prints and more as you take on the day with a smile instead of blending in with the doom and gloom.


Felt Hat, Zara, $39 Leopard Print Floppy Hat, BCBG $113 Birdcage Umbrella at The Bay, $40 Dotted Ruffle Umbrella, Forever 21, $9 Aldo - Rain Boot, $50 Rain Boots - The Bay, $40 Hunter Original Boots, The Bay, $165 Kate Spade Umbrella at Indigo, $38 Converse All-Star Rainboot Sneaker, $65

Keeping Warm in the Fall: The Perfect Fall Jacket

POSTED October 14th, 2014

Ask any Canadian what items are essential to surviving the cooler temps? And it’s likely they’ll tell you a pair of boots and a coat. For many, a  coat is one of the biggest purchases they’ll make this season and if you happen to be one of them, then this post is for you. We know you’ve already started your hunt for the perfect look so we’ve listed our personal favs. What we love is that these jackets can do double duty between above and below temps so feel free to start wearing them now and into spring.


The Girly Girl: Zara $169 The Minimalist - BCBG $344 The Pattern Player - Topshop at The Bay, $160 The Rebel - Rudsak, $645 The Traditionalist - Aritzia, 265 The Tomboy - Aritzia, $275 (Detachable hood)

Sweater Weather has Arrived

POSTED October 3rd, 2014

It’s official: the first day of fall is behind us which means Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and temps cool enough for sweater weather! With chunky knits varying in size, color and length this winter, we thought we’d give you the long and short of this season’s trend with a roundup of our personal favourites from the retailers at Mapleview Centre. Have some fun with this season’s hot item by pairing it over a white oxford shirt for a preppy vibe or top it off with a wool fedora for chic look:


Long Open Cardigan Sweater, Dynamite, $79 Logo Crewneck Sweater, $37, The Gap Intarsia Pull Over, $189, Hudson’s Bay Long Cardigan with Pockets, Zara, $59 Colorblock Lightweight Sweater, $59, RW&Co Cowlneck Poncho, $79, Zara Fair Isle V-Neck Cardigan, $45, Gap Angelica Cardi Wrap, $287, BCBG Wilfred Montpellier Sweater, $185, Aritzia