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Sales Associate

Part Time

Become the Newest Member of the Vans Family

Off the Wall is a state of mind. Thinking differently and creating self-expression. As one of our passionate, fun and dedicated Sales Associates, you will bring Off the Wall to life. You will thrive in an authentic environment where we focus on elevating the customer experience by creating an industry leading atmosphere for our customers. As our Sales Associate, you will maintain the voice of our brand by engaging our customers in genuine conversation and selling our original and innovative product. You are an invaluable part of a team where individuality and authenticity are encouraged. If you have a passion for Vans and are looking for a company dedicated to providing development opportunities to grow employees into the future business leader of tomorrow, the Vans family is for you. Vans. The Original since 1966.

How You Will Make a Difference

· Demonstrates a customer-centric mindset by modeling selling behaviors with a passion for the brand, customer, and the product.
· Delivers results in their role that contribute to the store's success.
· Aware of and accountable to store and individual sales goals.

Brand Experience/Customer Service:
· Exemplifies an optimistic and energetic presence through team collaboration while building strong relationships with customers to maximize customer loyalty.
· Provide solutions and inspiration to customers about the brand.

Working with the Team:
· Works collaboratively with the store team to achieve store objectives and sales results.
· Maintains a positive attitude and is flexible to the changing needs of the customer and the business.

Store Standards:
· Ensures product is always available to the customer and represented in a compelling way that is consistent with visual guidelines.
· Ensures the store is consistently recovered and customer-ready every day meeting brand standards on the sales floor and in the back stockroom areas.

Loss Prevention, Safety, and Compliance:
· Adheres to policies and procedures, standards and practices, and company directives.
· Protects company assets.
· Complies with company safety, security, and shrink avoidance policies and programs.
· Reports any and all concerns to management.

Professional Conduct:
· Models behavior that respects the background, experience, and cultural differences of others, while upholding the integrity and values of the VF Corporation and Vans.

Skills for Success:
· Previous retail or service-oriented experience preferred but not required
· Ability to work with a team to exceed sales results
· Ability to meet business goals by meeting and exceeding sales goals
· Regularly interacts with the public in an often crowded and noisy interactive store environment
· Engaging verbal and nonverbal communication skills
· Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
· Able to meet performance expectations
· Ability to deliver a high level of customer service in a retail environment
· Ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the business; will require weekends, evenings, and holidays

Special Physical and/or Mental Requirements:
· Standing required for the entire work shift
· Bend, lift, open, and move product up to 50 pounds as needed

Core Competencies

Customer Focus:
· Recognizes and respects both types of customers, those that shop in our stores and those that work in our stores
· Sets the expectation for 'Brand Right' customer engagement - engaging customers in interactions that convey knowledge and passion for the brand, living and breathing the Vans service philosophy, values, and spirit
· Is knowledgeable about Vans product and shares that knowledge with the customer
· Actively engages with customers to understand their needs and provide a positive experience going above and beyond to meet the customers' needs
· Makes the best impression in all situations
· Identifies customer service opportunities and is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of all customers
· Uses an understanding of customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction and to prevent service issues from occurring; promotes customer service as a value
· Assures customer satisfaction and seeks to drive business through selling and customer engagement

· Communicates in an engaging way with a respectful tone and manner
· Possesses a Brand Winning Attitude and approaches each challenge with positivity and communicates in an energetic, friendly, fun, precise, efficient, original, and genuine way
· Listens actively and accurately in a variety of contexts and situations
· Listens and asks questions to understand viewpoints of others
· Approachable exhibiting positive communication skills including non-verbal body language
· Communicates issues and concerns in a timely manner
· Organizes communication and ensures understanding
· Maintains audience's attention and adjusts to the audience
· Communicates authentically, with credibility and confidence
· Demonstrates a positive influence on others and is committed to the success of the brand

Contributing to Team's Success:
· Actively participates in a positive way with other members of the team to achieve success
· Genuinely cares about people and earns the respect and confidence of others
· Listens to and fully involves others in team decisions and actions; values and uses individual differences and talents
· Shares important or relevant information with the team being cooperative and constructive when working with a team
· Adheres to the team's expectations and guidelines; fulfills team responsibilities; demonstrates a personal commitment to the team

Work Standards:
· Sets standards for excellence. Is proud of who they are and the company they work for
· Demonstrates the traits, inclinations, and outlooks to engage with customers and drive sales
· Ensures high quality. Dedicates required time and energy to assignments or tasks to ensure that no aspect of the work is neglected; works to overcome obstacles to completing tasks or assignments
· Has high personal standards and strives to achieve personal best every day
· Accepts responsibility for outcomes (positive or negative) of one's work; admits mistakes and refocuses efforts when appropriate
· Encourages others to take responsibility: Provides encouragement and support to others in accepting responsibility; does not accept others' denial of responsibility without questioning

· Views challenges as opportunities and is open and receptive to change
· Actively seeks information about new work situations; strives to understand the rationale and implications for changes in work responsibilities or environment
· Treats change and new situations as opportunities for learning or growth; identifies the benefits of change; speaks positively about the change to others
· Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment; tries new approaches appropriate for new or changed situations; does not persist with ineffective behaviors.
· Exercises flexibility and patience in difficult situations

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