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Sustainable style

Mapleview believes it is important to try to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Our vision of providing our customers and retailers with the resources at the centre which allows them to recycle and green power assists with maintaining an overall sustainable life.


Mapleview strives to recycle as many materials as possible. Currently, we have the capability of recycling cardboard, fine paper, newsprint, boxboard, glossy paper, aluminum cans, steel cans, glass bottles and jars, grease, wooden pallets, coffee grounds, ink cartridges and light bulbs. All materials used or produced within the centre are carefully examined to determine or identify potential recycling. Garbage receptacles have been recently relabeled to ensure readability in order to ensure items are recycled properly.
As part of our extensive recycling program, Mapleview has introduced electronic e-waste recycling to reinforce our commitment to the community.

As part of the program, old cell phones and batteries can be dropped off at the following participating retailers:

  • Wireless Wave
  • Rogers
  • Telus
  • The Source
  • Fido
  • Cellular X
  • Cellicon


Mapleview Centre supports clean, green power from Bullfrog Power for 64% of the electricity requirements of its common areas. In Ontario, Bullfrog’s electricity comes exclusively from local wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact by Environment Canada under its EcoLogoM program.
Bullfrog’s generators inject renewable electricity onto the local electricity grid to match 64% of the power used in Mapleview Centre’s common areas. The green electricity is injected directly onto the electricity grid on behalf of Mapleview Centre.

Ivanhoe Cambridge is currently one of the largest purchasers of green electricity from Bullfrog Power. 

Who is Bullfrog Power?
Bullfrog Power, Canada’s 100% green energy provider, offers renewable energy solutions that allow homes and businesses to reduce their environmental impact and help create a cleaner, healthier world.



1. Our recycling program saves more than 4,205 mature trees every year.
2. Last year, Mapleview conserved enough energy (by recycling glass) to power a TV for 18.5 years.
3. This year, we recycled over 900,000 plastic bottles – enough for 40,385 polyester t-shirts. 
4. In 2 years, we recycled enough plastic to make a fiberfill ski jacket for everyone in Burlington.
5. This year, we recycled approximately 1.8 million cans. This saves enough electricity to power a computer continuously for over 700 years.